Stories Are Like Diamonds

Stories are like diamonds. The precious stones are mined, cleaned up and cut into brilliant karats of shapes, colors and clarity. I find a writer does the same with their stories. Well, at least I do. 

My stories come from the depths of my mind and sometimes, my soul. They come out in various sizes, from novellas to long lengthy series. I dig out what moves me, and like a diamond, I clean it, cut it and shape it into what I think will drive a reader to want more.

Sometimes, what I see in the beginning doesn’t always come out the way I wanted, but it still shines. So with help from others, they recut and re-polish my story, making my shiny diamond more sparkly and attractive to the eye.

Once your diamond is finished, you want to sell it to the best jeweler. Who, in turn will mount it to the best platform it deserves. 

Every writer has a mine full of diamonds. And, if you cut it, shape and polish it to the point of brilliants, it too will sell.

CJ Warrant