Hearing Voices

Somewhere in between my deepest darkest dreams and the twilight of waking up, I heard a voice calling out “mommy” three times. Each time, the voice  grew louder. Each time, it pulled me out of my relaxed state, until my brain registered the thought that it might be one of my three kids calling for me. Scary or what?

I jumped out of bed and raced to each one of my kids’ rooms. I stumbled over their things to see if they were ok. Mind you, my brain was still foggy from sleep and my body was tensed up. By the time I looked in on my oldest, I realized that they were all fine, and sound asleep. I was the only one up, and wide awake.

Was I losing my mind? Was my house haunted? I was beginning to think so. All the adrenaline suddenly rushed out of my body and I became slightly dizzy. I figured, I’ll worry about it later. I walked back into my room, and carefully slipped back into bed. I didn’t want to wake my sleeping husband, who by the way, didn’t budge from me bolting out of bed. After I fixed my pillow and adjusted my blanket, I started to drift back to sleep. Then I heard the voice again. I paused and listened. It was really close. This time, I knew where it came from.

My wonderful sleeping husband was snoring. I guessed, he stopped the moment I flew out of bed, and started back up when I got back in. Who would have guessed a snore would like a “Mommy”.

Crazy isn’t it? I thought so.

CJ Warrant