Just a Little Fun

As a writer, we all have a tendency to fall in deep with our writing that we sometimes forget the world outside of our writing cave. Either from a deadline, or the story is so gripping that the only way to not drown in your own head, you have to write it out.

I have been in the grips of two of my stories. One I just finished editing and the second, a erotic suspense that has me tied up (hehe) that I don’t even know what day it is. So much so that my poor family has to fend for themselves.

Though, as a writer, we do need a break, and come out of our cave once in a while and have a little fun.

img_2919For example, I was a part of a writers forum at the La Grange Public Library, where we read our stories that was set in the City of Chicago. We also talked with the audience about our experiences and life as a writer. I have to say, the audience was engaging, which added to the excitement of the night.

51fohvmwzklI read an excerpt of Sweet Cupids, a short story from the Windy City Anthology A Lovely Meal. And just a note, Sweet Cupids is expanding into a novella, which will be a part of a duet later this spring.


Anyway, I had a terrific time. Not only with the event, but I was in great company with four fabulous authors from the Windy City RWA chapter.


J. Leigh Bailey, who writes Young Adult and New Adult LGBT Romance. She read her latest book, Guyliner, which I have to say is Awesome!


Nicole Leiren is a USA Today best selling author who writes Sweet Contemporary Romance and Mysteries. She read her first book of the Heroes of the Night series, More Than One Night, which started the evening with a bang!


Measha Stone, who write steamy Erotic Romance. She read her first book in the Windy City series, Hidden Heart. All I have to say is…HOT!!


Pauline Gruber, who is a Indie author who writes Young Adult Paranormal Romance. She read her first book in her series, The Girl and the Raven. It was spellbinding!


Well, as you can see, it was a magnificent night with these wonderful talented women. And I can’t wait to do it again.

I hope to see you next time!

Thanks for coming by!