A Halloween Gift~ A Glimpse into Mirror Image

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Happy Halloween!final_pumpkins

As a treat for this ghoulish holiday, I’m posting a chapter of Mirror Image. At first I wasn’t sure what chapter to post, but I realized Lola, who is one of the characters in the book has a nail file pointed to my throat, screaming, “Me!! Me!! Me!!”  So I gave in.

As a side note before Lola takes over, if you have already read Mirror Image or Forgetting Jane, Please post a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I’d so appreciate it! And if you haven’t already, follow me through social media and sign up for my newsletter to get the latest details on what i’m doing next, giveaways and adventures.


There are graphic contents which isn’t for the faint of heart.

So here’s Lola at her finest!


Prologue / Lola

Las Vegas / Saturday Night

“What the hell did you get me into, Gabby?” I lean over the white oval chipped sink and examine my face. I wipe the trailing tears from my cheeks. Maybe I should have called Max, and then I wouldn’t be in this fucking mess with my sister. I’d be fucking him my way instead.

A buzz begins to sink into my blood. I’m slightly dizzy with adrenalin, drunk on the rising rage filtering through my muscles—my bones. My asshole stings and so do my ass cheeks. I twist my hip, checking the hand welts across my ass.

“Jesus.” Whatever sick notion went through my sister’s head, this wasn’t what I called a great time. As always, Gabby got in way too deep with bullshit situations she couldn’t pull herself out of. This fucked up scenario isn’t any better.

Picking up a douche bag from the strip club for a good time was her first bad choice. Then not far from the motel, they hired a skeezy prostitute to make three, which was the worst idea my sister concocted.

But here I am, saving her sorry ass again. And mine. But protecting my sister is what I live for. My cheek glows red in the rectangular mirror, the handprint across my face fueling the ire that is coursing through my veins like a flash bomb. Bursts of nearly uncontrollable need to rush out of the bathroom and kill the fucker is coiling tight in my gut, ready to strike. He fucked me and sadistically used my sister. He’ll pay. Oh fuck yeah, he’ll pay.

I white knuckle the side of the bowl for control, breathing through the angry haze. If I don’t get control of my shit, this dilemma will be messier than what it already is. With each breath, my heart slows and my rage simmers, knowing what I have to do.

Kill the douche bag and the whore. Retribution is in order and it will be mine. This shit shouldn’t be happening right now. Not when we’re so close to opening our spa retreat, Votre Plaisir, which is my sister’s brilliant but fucked up idea. I chuckle at that axiom. It seems like that is my adage whenever Gabby puts me in these messes and I have to clean up her bullshit.

I’m just glad I sent Gabby away, because she can’t handle the sight of blood. Glancing down at my sore wrists, I examine the red striated marks that run across my pale skin from the nude panty hose Gabby wore earlier that day. My ankles hurt like a bitch too, like thousands of bees swarming at my feet and stinging the shit out of me. Not bothering to look down at them, because it would only enrage me again, I refocus on the welted mark across my face. My ass cheeks aren’t any better.

However, my asshole took most of the punishment. The biting ache will be a reminder that I’m going to feel it for the next several days. But that fuckhead in the next room will bleed for it. And I will make sure he dies seeing me smiling down at him. As for the prostitute…wrong place, wrong time. Dead. I spit into the sink, trying to rid myself of the taste of the briny cum that spurted all over my face and mouth earlier. There is no amount of mouthwash could rinse that funk flavor away.

With a single twist of the dull faucet knob, the water stream comes out hard, fast, and cold. I grab the only washcloth that hangs on the flimsy towel rack and wipe the shit off my face, then gently clean my pussy and ass. After adjusting the red bobbed wig on my head, I tuck loose blonde strands of my hair underneath the webbing and pin it back into place.

I grab my Fendi purse and pull out the long metal-pointed file that sits nicely at the bottom of my bag. Even under the crap bulb in the bathroom, light glints off the striated markings, which fascinates me. This tool—after I made some modifications—if used properly and held firm, will go straight through a jugular. Tried it out with one of Gabby’s old hook-ups.

He died a painful death, while I watched with glee as the life slipped out of his eyes. It was truly remarkable. What’s even more perfect about my tool is that it can also file a nail like nobody’s business. I smile at the image I have in my mind. Happy with the plan, I palm the blunt end of the file and close my fingers around the handle. First the whore. Put her out of her misery before she starts trouble. Then the motherfucker. Shooting one last confident look over my shoulder, I say, “This is for you, Gabby.”

I turn and open the bathroom door. The sickly aroma of cigarette smoke, booze, and sex permeates thick in the air like an oppressive film. I’m sure the matted, dark grey carpet is a Petri dish of sperm, sweat, vomit and whatever shit is growing between the shag. Drawing my attention from my objective is the motel sign blinking between the parted faded, red polyester curtains. What the hell am I doing here? Oh right, I’m going to kill these two.

“It’s about fucking time, bitch. Come over here and suck me off,” he orders in a slight slur. The bottle of tequila in his hand is nearly polished off. He stands by the edge of the queen size bed, swaying.

Jesus Christ, Gabby. At least you should’ve picked a good looking fuck wad. Not this short, nearly balding, Napoleon complex motherfucker. “Get your ass over here. Your daddy doesn’t like waiting.”

How fucking poetic? Not! Gabby and I have daddy issues already. We don’t need another daddy, since our father sexually abused us since we were three years old. Too bad that son-of-a-bitch died of a heart attack when we were fifteen. I would have loved to get my hands on him. Daddy. I’ll show you fucking daddy. His meaty right hand grips the whore’s sweat-slicked blonde hair while she slurps at his dick. I want to gag, but instead I smile wide. If I want to do this swiftly, I have to play.

“Sure thing, Daddy,” I purr without gagging, but my rage is now stoked to a mammoth blaze inside me. I stroll over to him, but the second I’m in his reach, the bastard grabs my arm and yanks me down to my knees. I glance at the slut next to me, who now has the asshole’s balls in her red-lipped mouth.

“Open your mouth and suck me,” he says as he pulls away from the blonde with a pop. “Yes, Daddy.” I open my mouth, but the second he pushes the plump purplish head toward my lips, I tighten my hold of the file and I punch the whore right in the nose, grab her head with both hands, and swiftly twist. Like twisting off a bottle cap, I break the bitch’s neck, letting her drop to the sticky shag.

Without losing a beat, I swing the file upward and lodge it right into his ball sack and yank it out. A riot of screams comes out of his mouth as he grabs his balls. I quickly stand, push him back on the bed, and clamp my hand over his gaping mouth. He tries to move, squirm and buck, but I straddle him and get a few more jabs in with the file to his jugular. I stab and stab until the screeching ceases and the blood pools heavily around his head, seeping into the sheets and mattress.

The haze of blind fury that enveloped me fades as I watch the life drain out of this man. I relish the moment, but it’s short lived. As the calm wedges back into place, I slide off of his lifeless body. Ignoring the wide gape of his mouth, I quickly position the whore so that it looks like they have killed each other. I then slip into the shower, change back into my clothes, and wipe down and remove any remnants of myself and Gabby’s existence from the room.

The final cherry to this fucked up cake is placing the file in the whore’s hand. With one last look around, everything is in place. I sneak out into the Vegas heat, avoiding the traffic camera near the street. I stroll two blocks down to where Gabby was smart enough to park the car, and take off back to the hotel Venetian as though life couldn’t be any sweeter.

Maybe later, I’ll call Max.


I hope Lola didn’t scare you away!

Have a Great Halloween and…



Author Spotlight: Rachael Tamayo

Hey Readers,

I’m doing an author spotlight for my fellow Solstice Author, Rachael Tamayo. Here’s what’s to know about this amazing author and her books.

1504301553542Rachael Tamayo has written Romance, paranormal, and now this best selling author is trying her hand at thrillers. “I’ve discovered that I love writing thrillers and believe I’ve found my genre. I doubt I’ll be returning to contemporary romance anytime soon, but everything I write will always have some element of romance.” When she’s not writing, you can usually find her with her family. Mom of a four year old son and infant daughter, and wife of thirteen years. Her full time profession as a 911/police dispatcher in the Houston area gives her an interesting perspective into people that others might not have. Rachael was born and raised in Southeast Texas, where she lives with her family.

Rachael’s Crazy Love was recently given a 5 star award on Readers Favorite.readers-favorite

Crazy+Love-001I love Emily. I know she loves me too, she just needs me to show her. One day, we will be together forever, I’ll make sure of that. She’s only with this guy she’s been hanging around with to test me, see if I’ll stand true. Emily wants me to fight for her, to see if I can win her. Of course, I will. Once she sees how I’ve been caring for her, all the plans I’ve made,
the lengths I’ve gone totied 1 in order to be with her, she will be so proud of me. If only she would stop pretending so I could stop hiding in her attic.
Reach deep into the mind of mentally ill millionaire, Noah Burell,
as he turns Emily’s world upside down.
**15% of this books proceeds go to www.NAMI.org, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. 
Rachael has a new book coming out this November, called…
Lucifer’s Game


I’ve become obsessed with her.
It wasn’t our intention when we started this, but as soon as I got my hands on her I feared this would happen.
He dragged me here, to stop a child from existing that might bring an end to our reign on Earth. I have my orders from the one that watched as this prophecy was scratched on the scroll. He became the whisper in the ear of Judas, betrayer of Christ, laughing as they hammered the nails into his holy flesh. Satan himself. Of course, we lost that battle, but there is always the next. So, here we go, once again. Lucifer is determined to win this one, and all I’ve come to care about is tearing Cora away from her husband, from him, make her mine. Who I am? You’ve met me, felt me in your very loins. I’m the demon of lust. But you can call me Devin.
Coming November 27th (CyberMonday) burning wings
Preorder starting November 6th
Links to more of Rachael Tamayo
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Happy Hump Day!
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New Release, Blog Post and Edits~Oh My!

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freak-out-faceIt’s been a crazy here on my end but there are several good news to post.

Go check Cyn Ley’s Blog. I’m a guest author and if you make a comment, I’ll add your name for a free giveaway of a signed copy of Mirror Image, my new release coming out…September 29th. Yes, Tomorrow!

Here’s the link: www.authorcjl.wordpress.com

And Yes, I do have a book coming out tomorrow. It’s a dark romantic thriller~Think CJWarrant_MirrorImage_eCover_2500strippers, twins, killer, cops, Las Vegas, Denver and a whole lot of passion blazing through the pages.  As I said previously, I’m doing a giveaway, in November for a free signed copy of Mirror Image, and maybe I’ll throw in something extra for the fun. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

And finally, I’m working two–yes, I said two different series. One is a paranormal romance and the other is romantic suspense. Don’t know which will come out first, but I promise you it will be either one!

Thursday is nearly over and I have tons more to do as the sun is setting.

Have a great Friday!



Mirror Image Cover Reveal

Hey Everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but my nose has been neck deep with my next book, which will be a dark romantic suspense series. But that isn’t why I’m here today.

I’m here to do a great big shout out for my next book, Mirror Image, which will be coming out this fall. But first, I want to thank Solstice Publishing for their hard work and dedication.

So here’s a tidbit of what this dark romantic thriller is all about.

Las Vegas stripper, Jazz Connolly is wrongly accused of murder and finds out the killer may be her identical twin. With help from a Denver cop Mike Mitchell—the latest victim’s best friend and her accuser, Jazz uncovers facts about her past, a dark secret twisted with lies, and clues to the killer’s true identity.

When Mike finds Jazz on his doorstep, he can’t resist the temptation and helps her track down details of her past. As they uncover clues, he can’t ignore the potent chemistry between them. In this tangled web of chaos, their passion ignites, but can they learn to trust each other? While the body count grows, they will have to fight back, love hard, and survive in order to learn the truth and expose the real killer.


This is the cover reveal moment, and I’m really excited about it. The Killion Group Inc. did a fantastic job on the cover and I want to share it with you all.

Also, I have a promotion running from August 25th through September 3rd for this awesome cover. Here’s the link: http://www.promotionalbooktours.com/2017/08/mirror-image-by-cj-warrant-cover- reveal-and-contest/

Sign up and win a gift card for Amazon.

Well…Let me know what you think about the cover and I may have an extra surprise in the shadows waiting! You can reach me at:

Website www.cjwarrant.com/contact-cj.html

Fan page www.facebook.com/cjwarrantauthor/

Twitter www.twitter.com/cjwarrant

Instagram www.instagram.com/cjwarrant/

Pinterest www.pinterest.com/cjwarrant/

Tumblr http://cjwarrant.tumblr.com

Goodreads www.goodreads.com/cjwarrant/

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RONE Award Nomination for Forgetting Jane

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There are some exciting news that I want to shout it out!!

I want to let everyone know that Forgetting Jane has been nominated for RONE Award.th-1 It’s exciting news, but I need your help! To final, I need everyone to go to InD’tale, sign in and vote for Forgetting Jane.

Voting starts MondayApril 24th through 30th. Jane is listed under Paranormal Long. Link is posted:   http://indtale.com/2017-rone-awards



CJWarrent_Forgetting JaneI want to announce that Forgetting Jane in audiobook is live! It’s available at Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Check it out!

Link: https://amzn.com/B01G28ULXE 



I want to thank everyone for your support.



Digging Deep into your Characters

Hey There!

First of all, I want to announce to everyone that Forgetting Jane’s audiobook is available. CJWarrent_Forgetting JaneEither go to Amazon or Audible.  Thank you!

Now, it has been a crazy for while with three/four projects going at the same time. Luckily, I have two done, with one nearly finished and the fourth just getting started.

So, are you asking me how do I keep all my characters in line? Good question!

Well, just to tell you it wasn’t easy for me in the beginning. I’m such a pantser and run a few stories at a time that it took me a while to get a grip on all my characters. But I have found a way.  Like plotters, they plot the story from the beginning to the end. I do the same thing to my characters.

man-164962_1From the time they were born to the point of where the story ends. I write about their family, how they grew up and what made them tick. I get into their looks, their good and bad habits and their hates and loves. Who broke their hearts and what drives them to destruction or success–both being equally important. It helps with the internal conflicts, which links their outer conflicts. I dig deep until I find every piece of my character. Until I know them so well that I have no doubt when I establish them on the pages. For example, my character in Forgetting Jane, Chief Elias McAvoy. He was the biggest pain in my arse to find things out from. However, I kept at him until he opened up and…Wow! Once he did, he ended up to be such a great character.

Some characters are more fiery than others in which takes me more time to understand them and their growth in the story. In every story I always one character that gives me trouble. They would hide until I have to trick them out to get what I want out of them. Yet, I do have to say, once I have them nailed down, the story flows so well. I just need to write faster but that topic is for another blog time.

Without my knowledge of my characters, I feel like i’m stuck in a quick sand with no possibility way of escaping the dreaded corners or those horrible writing boulders that stands in my way. So I feel for me, plotting out my characters are worth the time and effort–even if your a pantser or plotter. There are tons of character plotting sheet available online. Do what is best for you. Maybe it would work for you. It doesn’t take long. Just a few minutes and jot down a few things about your troubled character and see what you can come up with!

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CJ’s Author Guest Blogger Tour: Leah Hamrick

Hey There!

This is the final week for the Guest Blogger Week. Today, I would like to introduce you all FOMPto the talented Leah Hamrick, author of        Frost on My Pillow- The Fire Bringer Series. So without delay…Leah take it away!


Hello, everyone!

My name is Leah Hamrick, and I’m the author of Frost on my Pillow, numerous short stories of all genres…amongst other unpublished novels that I have yet to grace the world with.    (He-he)

I live in Michigan with my husband, daughter, and plethora or turtles, fish, and a spoiled tree frog named Sticky.

I decided to start writing one day because I was bored… yes, I had nothing better to do than sit at the computer all day and tyw off of this nonsense that was spilling out of my little mind.

Well, I’m going to tell you about my novel, Frost on my Pillow, book one of the Fire Bringer series.

LylaThe story is about a girl named Lyla Hall,l who lives an abusive life in her home, the Summer Solstice. Everyone in her little town is blessed with the ability to use Fire. After she gets beat for the last time by her stupid step-dad, she makes a run for it, leaving her home, the only place she has ever known, behind. She then finds herself in the real world, Toledo Ohio. A young man named Rylan finds her, and takes her into his home for her safety. When she starts school, she finds a book about her kind in her new school’s library, and she steals it. When she finally gets around to reading it, she discovers that her necklace holds the power to end the world if fallen into the wrong hands.

When she meets Ethan Killman, an Ice Bringer, things are going to change… forever. Demons start harassing them, and they will stop at nothing to get the necklace and the power it holds.

When secrets from the ones she loves comes out, nothing will ever be the same again. I know that is a bad description, but me trying to explain something? Yeah, right. You’d get a better explanation from a dog watching you throw away that cheese wrapper… I mean, I am so bad at descriptions that it’s a struggle for me to even get a blurb put together that even tells the reader half of what they will be reading… Okay, I’ve taken up enough of your time… maybe you will join Lyla and Ethan in their adventures…?

Thank you♥

Thank you, Leah for stopping by and sharing.

And thank you to all my readers. Have a fabulous week! Until next time.

Smooches th-1


CJ’s Author Guest Blogger Tour: K.A. Meng

Hey Readers,

It’s new week for a new author coming by and introducing themselves. I would like everyone to give a warm welcome to K. A. Meng, Author of Superior Species available on Amazon. K.A. Take it away!

Finding the Time to Write with a Busy Schedule.

Thank you for letting me take over your blog today. It’s been a great pleasure to be a part of the Solstice Author Winter Blog Tour. I want to talk today about finding the time to write with a busy schedule, but I’ll start by telling everyone about myself first. You profile1can see how crazy my schedule it.

My name is K. A. Meng. I live in the frozen tundra of North Dakota with my teenage son and our two cats and two dogs. I write paranormal, urban fantasy, mysteries, and sci fi. Sometimes I add in a hint of romance to the stories. I work full time as an administrative assistant.

My job is from Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. When I get off work, I have (if I’m lucky) thirty minutes to myself before my son is demanding food or the dogs want to go for a walk. Yes, my shelties want to walk until it reaches a certain temperature then they stop whining, usually way under zero degrees F. Between working, having a son, pets, owning a home, and trying to market my book, I don’t have a lot of time to write.

The first thing you need to do is squeeze your writing in whenever you can. One of the first books I wrote took me ten months to write. I won’t speak to much about it since I need to edit it. I’ll jump into my third novel, I’ve written which took about six months. It happens to be published.

My first published novel, Superior Species is through Solstice Publishing – Solstice superior-species-001Shadows. You can find it here:

Amazon: http://getbook.at/SuperiorSpecies

Superior Species is about a girl named Ivory Ames. She has caught the attention of four gorgeous guys. At Los Roshano University this isn’t normal, even when all the upperclassmen have perfect physiques, flawless complexions, and hypnotic looks. That’s not even the weirdest part. The town has a strict sunset curfew because of wild animals attacking.

To keep her friends and herself safe, Ivory must figure out the truth behind the town’s mysteries before it’s too late.

To find the time to write, you need to want to write. Find your motivation. The Superior Species book series sprang to life after I asked myself, “What would I do if I met a monster?” I asked this question after the sudden rise in popular vampire and werewolf novels in which they made the monsters into something not scary at all. I do enjoy those type of novels, but I grew up on where you shouldn’t befriend the beasts. They are scary and want to kill you. You should run away. Of course, I’m asked this a lot:

But the monsters are still good-looking in your novel how can they be scary?

My character Ivory Ames will explain it soon best. A white tiger is beautiful, but that doesn’t mean she wants to for a pet. They are dangerous and could kill you without warning.

I’m pleased to announce my second novel in the Superior Species world will be released this year by Solstice Publishing – Solstice Shadows. I wrote it in four months. I don’t have a release date since it is under editing. If you want to know when it will be released keep checking out my website, www.kamengauthor.com, and scroll down to the Books section where I’ll post anything coming out soon. I plan for a lot this year.

The third novel in Superior Species, I wrote it in two and a half months. As you can see, I’ve been getting faster and faster at completing novels sooner. I wrote this one during NaNoWriMo in November 2016. For those who don’t know, its National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write 50,000 words in one month. You should check it out. I pushed myself to write 60,000 words this time and will from now on. My novels tend to be longer so I set a bigger goal. You should join and find people on there to talk to. Support helps when you want to write. I tell everyone I am not available for the month of November. If I’m lucky, people will listen.

Another good way to gain words is doing word sprints. They are easy to do. Set a time frame with someone and write. It’s a good way to challenge yourself to get more words done. You can find people on twitter under #wordsprints. You can ask your writing friends or find me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012856366750&fref=ts and send me a message. I’ll let you know if I can or not. I will be on in November to write again. July is camp NaNoWriMo. I may be writing then I don’ know. My plan is to be on for June doing my own NaNoWriMo.

One big thing that has helped me write more is set a goal. My current one is small, 1,000 words a day. I do this by writing at my break for work, one hour a day Monday thru Friday. And at night. I write in 250 word sprints. I start supper or help my kid by telling him what to cook while I write. Eat. Write. Do a chore. Write. Do another chore. Write. And before I know it my goal is met. Most nights I write more and on the weekends a heck of a lot more. Think of it like this in 20 days, I have a short story done.

I hope some of these tips will help you. If you want to know more about me, you can find me on here:

Website – www.kamengauthor.com

Facebook Author Page – https://www.facebook.com/KAMengAuthor/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/KAMengAuthor

Blog – https://kamengauthor.com/blog

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kamengauthor/

Thank you for having me. -K.A.


Thank you, K.A. for being here and sharing with us.

And Thanks you all for coming. I hope you have a great week.



CJ’s Guest Blogger Tour: Geoff Nelder

Hey Readers,

Since I unabashedly took over Geoff Nelder’s Blog a few weeks back and chased him around his desk with utmost glee, he graciously decided retribution are in order. He rips the keyboard from my hands, and begins typing furiously like a mad man. 😉

Let us see what he has to say.


Oops, there I go again, barging in on someone else’s blog, grasping for an unsuspecting new audience. No one is more demanding than Mrs N in more ways than two and this piece is inspired by one of her more painful questions.

Writers’ Delusions by Geoff Nelder

This is the question Mrs Nelder stabbed me with when she once peeped over my shoulder at my list of story rejections being three times longer than the acceptances.

“What on Earth made you think you could be a writer?”

Answer: I didn’t know I was okay at writing until a teacher made me stand in front of the class and stumble through an essay I’d scribbled. A silly tale about a red squirrel scrambling on the gnarled boughs of the village’s oldest oak tree, stealing an acorn from a tree spirit to bury under a pupil’s desk. Imagine my surprise when every kid sneaked a peep under their desk.

Yes, those words held power and I liked it. Through my teens I wrote jokes. Sold some to British comedians and my first was published in a magazine in 1969. At university I became a co-editor of the rag-mag, a dreadful collection of very funny, awful smutty and politically-incorrect gags. We’d gather in the bar and brainstorm until the beer ran out. That was nearly half a century ago and I still see those jokes. Uncredited, no royalties. It was for charities then, still is. During that time I studied geography, mathematics and literature. Struck dumb, me, when the lecturer read out loud William Langland’s Vision of a Fair Field full of Folk. This is a wondrous sample of that early medieval poem:

‘In a somer sesoun, whan softe was the sonne,malverns2
I shope me into shroudes, as I a shep were,
In abite as an heremite, unholy of werkes,
Wente forth in the world wondres to here,
And saw many selles and selcouthe thynges.
Ac on a May mornyng on Malverne hulles
Me biful for to slepe, for werynesse of walkyng;’

I learnt it by heart, while hiking on those actual Malvern Hills, a short bike ride from my house. I took my son on those hills a few years ago and the ‘sonne’ softly warmed our backs. I learnt the energy in words of sensual Show. Engaging the reader via all their five senses in every story. I read the great writers and they all do it. Even those science fiction and thriller books that the literati often overlook. Consider these two words from Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle: ‘She gave him a perfumed hug.’ You know which two words. Did you experience that hug? You were there, right?

After graduating, twice, I taught high school where writing lies takes over. Not really, but all teachers have to write masses of words. We talk about a target of 2000 words a day on our novels but teachers often achieve that when writing lesson notes, worksheets and above all, end-of-term reports. Most teachers hate that but writerly ones love it. It gives us the opportunity to be creative with an otherwise tedious activity. (assuming the school isn’t using computerized multi-guess reporting). One of my favourites: ‘The dawn of legibility in John’s writing revealed his utter incapacity to spell.’ Such chores honed my writing decades ago.

Not that I’ve stopped learning the craft. I’m with Pablo Casals – the famous cellist on why he continued to practise at 90: ‘Because I think I’m making progress.’

I remain fascinated enough by gnarled oak trees and squirrels to write them into my stories. This 2017 year sees publication of my ‘Girl in a Wandering Wood’ in The Horror Zine. I’d overheard the phrase wandering wood and thought what if a wood actually wandered? So, a botanist is trapped in a copse, animated by a spirit trying to stop her escaping. A squirrel helps her out, kind of. The same squirrel I wrote about in 1957.

A sample flash story. First published in Bobbing Around: (2004)Vol 3 No.6 A newsletter by psychiatrist Dr Bob Rich.

Nothing Upstairs By Geoff Nelder           

He should take advantage of the perspective from the top floor of a bus. Forrister’s car lingered in Foley’s Vehicular Care Centre for its annual medical but he had to put in a work appearance.

Green vinyl seats as opposed to his red leather but not bad. His nose expected sour milk odours—a foolish bias, so his eyebrows arched with surprise as fresh air slapped his face from the open top windows. Even so, those reasons for individual travel, cocooned in his Ford, came to him—personal space, sublime solitude listening to opera. He sought the least offensive fellow traveller. The beard looked normal enough: its owner gazing through a demisted circle on the window as London glided past.

An uncomfortable moment passed as Forrister obliged the window-side occupant to move a corner of his coat and shuffle up. In his car, Forrister would by now have tuned in to Classic FM talking back, unheard, to the presenter, so he turned to his companion.

“Cold, today.”

No response. Could be his new friend had defective hearing but more likely incredulous anyone had the temerity to strike up a conversation. Twenty minutes before disembarking—he had to give it another shot.

“Hey, there’s Putney Cinema. Don’t go in Screen Three, it’s squeezed in between One and Two—you only hear the other two films and at the same time!”



“For—is that all?” Beard conversed all right but in gibberish and to the window. Suddenly, Forrister’s head received a blow from behind as a robust woman thrust her elbow over the seat.

She treated Forrister to a cloud of gardenia fragrance.

“Grooten?” She barked. Beard turned, looked at her and nodded.

What? He hadn’t appreciated the rapidity of language development since he last used public transport. Contorted out of recognition. Forrister couldn’t participate. The woman had slumped back into her seat and the beard brushed again at the condensation. Forrister had to try again.

“Full today then,” Forrister said, sketching a wave at the one empty seat.


Then: “Jaffa. Man…”

“I have an orange. Would you like a piece?”

Before the Beard could reply, the elbow dented Forrister’s head again.

“Grooten?” she asked. He shook. She re-slumped.

Dejected, Forrister re-bagged the orange, stood and weaved his way to the winding stairs, three stops early. Before the descent he glanced back.

The woman took Forrister’s seat. Beard took an ear-piece out of his left ear.

And shared the cricket.

About the Author

Geoff Nelder is a professional liar, badass editor, and fiction competition judge. He was awarded Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society for his research into air pollution and microclimates and used his students as unpaid researchers to discover urban heat islands in Yorkshire towns and villages. He taught now-out-of-date Geography and IT to the ungrateful alive but escaped on his bike to write.

His publications include science fiction novels Exit, Pursued by Bee and the ARIA trilogy; and thrillers: Escaping Reality, and Hot Air. Many of his short stories have found homes in mags such as The Horror Zine, Perihelion, Ether Books, Encounters, Jimston Journal, Delivered, Screaming Dreams and many anthologies such as Monk Punk, Science Fiction Writers’ Sampler (with Gregory Benford and David Brin), Twisted Tails, and Zombified.

His non-fiction include books on climate and he co-wrote How to Win Short Story Competitions.

chaosofmokiiLatest is an experimental science fiction short story, The Chaos of Mokii, published as an ebook by Solstice Publishing at http://mybook.to/ChaosOM


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