About Me

I love the world of romantic suspense and thrillers, with a hint of paranormal and erotic elements. I thrive on mystery, murder and love, not all in that order. I love the journey into a dark world most people would dare to enter.

My creativity knows no boundaries. I’m a mother of three great kids and a husband who supports me in every possible way. I was born in Seoul, South Korea but have been raised all over the world. Half Italian and half Korean, I’m a spicy blend of both cultures.hot_pepper_1_4288x2848 Growing up as an army brat, I’ve seen places and met so many interesting people that sparks my imagination  and use those resources for my writing.

I have the privilege to be a part of two wonderful chapters, The Chicago-North RWA and Windy City RWA. I was the Silent Auction Co-ordinator for The Spring Fling Conference 2012. It was great experience and honor to be a part of a wonderful event. I am also a member of the critique group called Aphrodite Writers. Those writers inspire, encourage and with such wonderful talents, give me the tools to be the best writer I can. I’m glad to be apart of them.

My First novel, Forgetting Jane won the West Houston Romance Writers of America, 2013 Emily Contest in the Romantic Suspense division. It will be released in June 2016.

I love my life, my family and my friends.

Be a part of my world and see where my words can take you.