Meet the Fabulous Authors for Forgetting Jane FaceBook Launch Party

I want kick off the end of the month with some introductions to my 11 fabulous authors, who will be joining me on Facebook and launch my debut novel, Forgetting Jane, on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016.

This will be a three day intro, to see who these talented authors are, what they have in store of you and the time slots they will be popping in to say hi.

Today, my featured Authors are DB Kennison, Nicole Leiren, Jenn Windrow and Sonali Dev.


3:30 -DB Kennisonimg_5748_1_1

DB Kennison was born and raised in Colorado where some of her fondest memories took place with a book tightly fisted in her hands and days were spent reading and daydreaming. As a kid, she remembers weekly trips to the library and the excitement of getting to pick something fresh and new from the stacks. She still feels that way when looking for a new book to read.

After moving to Wisconsin, she came to love life in a small town and along with it, an appreciation of great beer, and cheese. Her heart is there among the rolling hills and limestone bluffs.

DB currently lives in the middle of nowhere with her handsome, supportive husband, and three spoiled dachshunds, which vie for position as daily muse.

As someone with an active imagination, she is constantly weaving tales and now putting it all down on paper. What an adventure!

stilllife_epub-copyGood art is subjective. Bad art can be murder.

The Randi Lassiter Series, Book 1

Randi Lassiter is twenty-nine, divorced, and remarkably content with her non-existent social life. Mainly because she moonlights for an attorney, nabbing adulterers—like her ex—with her camera. When she stumbles across a mutilated body, it takes fast talking to convince the arrogant detective she’s not a suspect. One look at him, and she pegs him as a guy who uses his sexy smirk to separate women from their panties.

When Detective Jon Bricksen is named the lead investigator the first murder this microscopic town has seen in forty years, he questions his decision to leave the death and violence of Milwaukee behind. Randi’s cleavage—and her questionable sleuthing skills—aren’t making his job any easier.

Theirs is a mutual aggravation society until her small-town network results in critical progress. Forced into an uneasy alliance, they battle a growing attraction—and a killer who’s out to make them the stars of his next piece of deadly performance art. Warning: Pepare for a thrill ride of disturbing plot twists, profanity, dirty thoughts, and filthy behavior. Who knew small town life could be this exciting.

Visit DB at:

Look for her book at Amazon, Kobo, Samhain Publishing and Barnes and Noble


4:00 -Nicole Leiren

Nicole LeirenNicole is a fun-loving (and sometimes sassy) contemporary romance author. She has been an avid reader and lover of books from a very young age. Starting with mysteries, her love for reading expanded to include romance and suspense. A Midwest girl, born and raised, she resides in the Western Suburbs of Chicago with her real-world hero and hubby of almost 28 years. Her stories capture the love and laughter in her real world heroes and heroines.

RememberTheNight Cover

The Few. The Strong. The Brave.

Cody Jenkins thought serving in the military would help him escape heartbreak, but he never imagined meeting a woman like Evelyn. The only problem? After spending one unforgettable night together, she returned to her life far away from him and his service in the Army.

Perfection defines Evelyn Walters every moment, every day of her
entire life. But with a recent divorce from her husband and a career
in jeopardy, maintaining that carefully constructed facade is proving to be her biggest challenge yet.

A chance encounter at her sister’s wedding brings Evelyn face-to-face
with Cody again, and sparks fly as memories of their night together
prove a powerful force. But troubles from his past and problems from
her present threaten to keep them apart. Will they give in to their
personal demons or will they remember the night that proved, without a
doubt, they are better together than they will ever be apart?

Visit Nicole at:

You can find her books at: Amazon and Nook


4:30 -Jenn Windrow- head shot 1

Jenn Windrow loves characters who have a pinch of spunk, a dash of attitude, and a large dollop of sex appeal. Top it all off with a huge heaping helping of snark, and you’ve got the ingredients for the kind of fast paced stories she loves to read and write. Home is a suburb of it’s-so-hot-my-shoes-have-melted-to-the-pavement Phoenix. Where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and a slew of animals that seem to keep following her home, at least that’s what she claims.


Her first full length novel, Struck By Eros will be released July 8th, 2016 from Muse It Up Publishing.struckbyeros2-2
Visit her online at BLOG / FACEBOOK / TWITTER

Struck By Eros
A Redeeming Cupid Novel
Released July 8th, 2016

One jaded woman. Two hot men. A challenge to prove Cupid doesn’t always know best.

After a lifetime of dating losers, Noel Chase thinks she’s found love with college professor Len Holder. But Cupid’s aim sucks worse than his crap-tacular curse, sticking her with supposed soul mate, Grayson Adler. Grayson is gorgeous, Greek, and an exact replica of the man-whores of her past. No matter what the chubby cherub thinks, Noel is sure Grayson is Mr. Wrong with a capital “W.”

Forced to do Cupid’s bidding, Noel must spend her days with Grayson matchmaking the unlucky-in-loves, and trying to resist Grayson’s charm and do-me-now sex appeal. But when Cupid tries to match her fiancé, Len, with another woman, Noel must make an excruciating decision. Defy Cupid and hang on to Len? Or succumb to her fate and trust Grayson with her heart?

Visit Jenn at:


5:00 -Sonali Dev-dsf0003

Sonali Dev’s first literary work was a play about mistaken identities performed at her neighborhood Diwali extravaganza in Mumbai. She was eight years old. Despite this early success, Sonali spent the next few decades getting degrees in architecture and writing, migrating across the globe, and starting a family while writing for magazines and websites. With the advent of her first gray hair her mad love for telling stories returned full force, and she now combines it with her insights into Indian culture to conjure up stories that make a mad tangle with her life as supermom, domestic goddess, and world traveler.

Sonali lives in the Chicago suburbs with her very patient and often amused husband and two teens who demand both patience and humor, and the world’s most perfect dog.

Sonali’s novels have been on Library Journal, NPR, Washington Post, and Kirkus’s lists of Best Books of the year. She won the American Library Association’s award for best romance 2014, and is a RITA® finalist, RT Reviewer Choice Award Nominee, and winner of the RT Seal of Excellence. She was hailed by as a ‘stunning debut’.


Ria Parkar is Bollywood’s favorite Ice Princess—beautiful, poised, and scandal-proof—until one impulsive act threatens to expose her destructive past. Traveling home to Chicago for her cousin’s wedding offers a chance to diffuse the coming media storm and find solace in family, food, and outsized celebrations that are like one of her vibrant movies come to life. But it also means confronting Vikram Jathar.

Ria and Vikram spent childhood summers together, a world away from Ria’s tragedy-ridden family in Mumbai. Their friendship grew seamlessly into love—until Ria made a shattering decision. As far as Vikram is concerned, Ria sold her soul for stardom and it’s taken him years to rebuild his life. But he’ll risk it all again if Ria can find the courage to face the secrets she’s been guarding for everyone else’s benefit and finally stop acting and start living.

Rich with details of modern Indian-American life, here is a warm, sexy, and witty story of love, family, and the difficult choices that arise in the name of both.

Sonali’s books are available at: Amazon, BN, IndieBound, Hudson Booksellers,Target, Walmart, BAMKindle, iBooks, Kobo, Buy a signed copy from Anderson’s Bookshop, Buy the Audiobook

Visit Sonai at:

Forgetting Jane-002-2


Thanks for joining me and for more information, please go to:

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