Forgetting Jane: Meet Jane Doe

Hi Everyone,

I like to introduce you to Jane Doe, my wonderful strong heroine from Forgetting Jane.


Hello there,

This is awkward for me, since I don’t much about myself…Actually, I don’t anything about my past at all, or my real name. However, what I can tell you is that I went through hell getting to where I am today. 

Even though Chief Elias McAvoy thinks I’ve lost my mind or delusional, with his help keeping me safe, he’s finding clues to who tried to kill me. I’m learning so more about myself–the new me, and my growing feelings for Eli.

I don’t know how Eli feels about me, but I’m not going to dwell on it since I have a killer still after me, and a girl who happens to be a ghost who won’t leave me alone.

Please come on this journey with me and discover who I really am, and if Eli and I really make to the end, together.

Have a great day!


Thanks Jane!

Keep a look out next week for the my awesome list of authors, who will be joining me during Forgetting Jane’s Facebook Launch Party! I will also have links to my pre-sales for Forgetting Jane.




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