Tag Lines-How important are they?

As a brand new author, I’m realizing there is so much more to learn in the publishing Tag-Line-2world. Like I said in a previous post, I’m only a tiny fish in a huge ocean. So, even the littlest details are important, and to be remembered.  Therefore, without freaking out, I try to take things into strides.

freak-out-faceFor one…Tag lines. Yikes! How important are they? I SAY VERY IMPORTANT! But easily forgettable.

They are the tiny cracks–a glimpse into your book. The lure of those few words on the cover can draw a reader to pick up your book and flip through the pages.

Those simple but powerful few words are just as crucial as the back cover blurb. So that being said, I believe TAGs delivers the right punch to the brain and captures a reader attention.

My first novel, Forgetting Jane, which is due to come out in June of 2016 is a dark romantic thriller with paranormal elements. With the help of my wonderful critique partners, we were able to come up with a few tags for my book and out of three, one hit the mark for me.Forgetting Jane-002-2

Buried Secrets Won’t Stay Buried… Hmm. By reading those five words, it sends a shiver along my skin. Of course, knowing the details about my novel also helps.

However, whenever I browse for a new book, I study the front and back cover first before delving into the pages.  With E-Books, it’s little more difficult. Yet, with a kick ass cover and a powerful tag line, one can pull a reader in.

So Tag lines are essential. Even if its not on the cover but use them as blasts in social media, and in swags and promotional items, they are important.

It’s the little things that sometimes aren’t so little.

Have a great Thursday!





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