You Write?


Over the years, I’ve learned to write in the dark. What I mean is that I never shared with anyone that I wrote stories and poems. Family, friends and co-workers alike, I’ve kept my talent to myself. So when I seriously decided to tell the world what I did, I got a response like “You write?” Imagine a quirked brow, eyes wide with surprise and sometimes with a slight frown as they absorbed the odd news.

Then a series of rapid fire questions usually came right after. It was like a test. Yikes! “When do you find the time? How do you come up with these stories? How does your brain work that way? What do you write? How do you come up with the names? Is sex in it?” Etc, etc…


I loved the last one. The second I’d say romantic suspense, they zero in on the romance part and want to know about the sex.

Anyway, as a newbie author, I’m like a tiny fish starting out in a huge ocean full of various size fishes with more experience and with a lot more exposure to the publishing world. As a newbie author, I have to continue to write like my fellow authors before me and make a place in the world for my stories.

In doing so, social media’s a wonderful place to get started. Tell you friends and family-they’ll be your biggest supporters. Don’t be afraid of who you are inside. Bring it out the author in you.

So to all the writers out there that haven’t been published yet…spill. Talk. Get use to the idea that you are a writer. Let everyone you know that you write and your stories are wonderful. The more you share, the people around you will believe, support and follow you in your publishing journey.

Happy Thursday




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