This Writer’s Journey to Publication

As a kid, writing was more of a chore. I’d rather run around outside with my friends than sit at the kitchen table and write that essay for English class. I never looked at the way I wrote poems and short stories as serious as I should have. Hell, I was a kid.

Yes, I’ve read zillions of books–actually devoured each and every word–still do, but to take the time out of fun and write them down ? That was a big fat NO. Like I said, I was a kid.

It took  many years to see that the words crowding my brain had power. Through dating, marriage, divorce, dating again and finally a good marriage and kids, I realized the importance of those words and what they actually meant to me.

With the encouragement of my wonderful husband, I sat my butt down and wrote. From word one, I began my writing journey.

Once I finished my first novel, I looked at it and realized, Oh crap, I should have listened better in English class. I’ve kicked and cursed myself many times over, but I’d figured this was just another valuable lesson learned. Yet, it wasn’t a deterrent and kept on writing more.

With a help of dear old hubby again, he suggested that I look for something or someone who could help me harness and craft my words in a way that others could enjoy too. And I have. Through Romance Writers of America, I joined Chicago-North chapter, which paved a way to meet other wonderful writers and helped me hone my craft.

Six years of chapter meetings, on line classes, critique partners, pitch sessions(lots of them) and conferences, in which I’ve finally found my footing in the publishing world. It’s only a small step, but a step in the right direction.

Bottom line, hard work and perseverance paid off.

To all writers out there, who have the same words floating around in your head, don’t ignore them. Write, type or key them down, as often as you can. One day, those words could inspire others to do the same.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!





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