Setting Goals

Aside from my RWA chapter, which I love, I also belong to a small critique group called Aphrodite Writers. This group of wonderful and talented women comes together twice a year, to learn, critique and everything in-between. I have learned so much from them. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to set goals and stick to them. Without these goals, I wouldn’t be able to finish a book.

For the month of May, we had our own nano session. Now, being it’s the last day, I tried to write as much as possible to get to that 50,000 word goal. I’m about 20,000 words short. Am I upset that I didn’t reach the 50k? Slightly, but that wasn’t my  goal to begin with.

I know myself so well. With three kids in various activities, my life is never my own, especially nearing summer. I mostly write in the early morning, and the rest of the day is compiled with family obligations. In those wee hours of the morning, I have a routine I follow. Get up, make coffee, check email, get coffee and sit down and begin writing. EVERY DAY! Even on the weekends. No matter how much or how little I write, I am writing everyday. It keeps me involved in the story line, even if I come up against a wall. My goals help me to push through whatever block and to keep me on track.

Setting these goals helps me to focus on what needs to be done. Finishing the book.

I have a daily goal, and a monthly goal. Each has its purpose to encourage me to finish my story.

My daily writing goal is to write. No matter what, I sit down in front of my Mac and type away. I try not to focus on the word count, because it slows my writing down. I want my head in the story and the characters.

My monthly writing goal is to go through what I’ve written and tabulate my words. I don’t edit at this point, but I go through my notes and add what each scene is missing to help move the story along.  So when I am ready to edit, I know what needs to shift or  change.

After I finished my story. Then I go through the whole editing part. Similar goals for my editing process.

I wouldn’t be able to finish any book without these goals.

Do you have goals you set for yourself? How does your goals work for you?

CJ Warrant



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