Dreaming in Words

21041Dreaming in words is a wonderful thing. In between the twilight of sleep is when my words bloom from my brain. They are wonderful. Each syllable fits either the description of my character or the panoramic view of the scene. They are perfect in every way, until…I wake up.

When I try to remember those lovely words, my mind races around and find them. I know I have left them there. So, what do I do? I open my head, and pick out those words I find so wonderful and lay them before me.

They are all jumbled into one big scrambled hot mess. I dissect them and assemble them in the order of my dream, or try to anyway. They don’t always come out the way I saw them. Sometimes, they are better, or worse.

Either way, those are my words. I worked hard dreaming them.

So keep dreaming those words. And, if possible those words get way out of hand, have a handy notebook by you to write them down before they get lost.


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