Love Shadows the Darkest Place in the Heart

Welcome To My Dark World Of Suspense, Love and Murder

Culhane, Cyndi 2:1 

Coffee is what jump starts my day. My brain fuses with the caffeine and my imagination flows. 

The love of writing stories stems from growing up, listening to my family talk about their lives. I come from two very distinctive halves.

In the Italian culture, between pasta and pizza, tales of Italy and the journey to America fascinated me. Hardship and loss, mystery and murder took hold of my hand and led me in the direction of  suspense.

In the Korean culture, I used to listen to my mother and grandmother, while they made kimchi and other delectable foods, they talked about ghosts stories and the meaning of dreams. They drew me in instantly. I took hold of those tales with both hands and didn’t let go. I thank my large family for giving me a legacy of dreams and the history of people and places I had been to. My imagination took hold of those wonderful memories and made a world, all my mine.

My world is mixed with suspense, murder and love, and sometimes a dash of the paranormal. 

Follow the journeys of my Heros and Heroines, risking their lives for the love they so desperately want and imagine the taste of pure indulgence of sensual lust. Feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise and your heart race an erratic rhythm with every eerie step that my villains take.

It worth the risk.

2 thoughts on “Love Shadows the Darkest Place in the Heart

  1. Love, love, love the tagline CJ – Primo!

  2. NikeChillemi says:

    I come from a large eastern European family and I grew up listening to all kinds of stores that fascinated me. I remember my aunts sitting around the kitchen table laughing up a storm. That is such a good way to grow up.

    I also have the Italian because I married an Italian American guy who grew up w/Italian immigrant stories, pasta, pizza, etc.

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